Our services

Intermediazione, import export impianti e pannelli solari Intermediazione, import export impianti e pannelli solari

What do we offer?

Interlock acts as a mediator between its clients-importers and the producers of photovoltaic modules and solar collectors. This means that our clients buy directly such products from the suppliers, at factory prices. Our fees for our service (full service) are included in the offer.

Our services include:

  1. Offering samples of many products (Monocrystalline-Polycrystalline-Amorphous modules – solar thermal collectors) for any further test that the buyer wishes to carry out.
  2. Specific offers as to quantities and the various peak powers, and depending on market fluctuations.
  3. Dealing with contractual issues related to each order.
  4. Legal warranties on imported products.
  5. Visits to plants that already use our products. Made by Mazzanti Spa.
  6. Follow-up of orders and samples until shipment of the goods at the port of shipment.
  7. Quality control of panels, according to strict criteria laid down by accredited bodies.
  8. Monitoring shipments from the port of shipment to the final storehouse of the client-importer.
  9. Production of certifications required by the Customs Office and for transit within customs warehouses. (Applicable to Italy only).

In this respect, our office, assisted by our forwarder and its Customs warehouse, acquiring the documents needed, can clear the panels (zero VAT). With substantial economic advantages. The Italian importer will thus be able to invoice panels at 10% VAT, in accordance with Italian law, only upon their resale or installation.