Intermediazione, import export impianti e pannelli solari Intermediazione, import export impianti e pannelli solari

Who we are

For over thirty years, Interlock has been working as a commercial mediator exclusively in the worldwide import/export of miscellaneous products and materials, enabling clients and suppliers to get in touch for direct purchases and sales.

Over the last 3 years, due to the growing demand for renewable energy sources and pursuant to the laws and incentives adopted by European countries to increase such sources, Interlock has specialized its business in the identification and purchase of photovoltaic modules, both polycrystalline and monocrystalline , amorphous silicon modules and thermal solar panels.

We work exclusively in the Far East and mainly on the Chinese market, where most production of photovoltaic modules is based nowadays, and where the top international and European brands that sell such products on our markets have their panels produced.

Over the last 3 years, Interlock has been visiting and then selecting a small number of factories whose production of both silicon cells and finished products (photovoltaic modules) relies on worldwide cutting edge technologies.

The factories that Interlock works with are all ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001-2004 certified.
All the products that we import are tested and certified by International Bodies, such as TUV Cologne - PI Berlin (IEC 61215 – IEC 61730-1 -2 ), etc., and by other EU-accredited European bodies. Moreover, all the products are certified with the CE marking and thus are fully approved by all EU customs.
The panels offered by Interlock are thus ready to be installed and to be part of the various national electric networks.
Should a buyer eventually wish to produce energy for his own personal needs (the panel will thus not be part of the national network), his savings when buying such products may be even higher, depending on the promotional offers available at the time.

By buying the products directly from the supplier, thanks to the full service provided by Interlock, our prices are extremely competitive when compared with other market offers.

Interlock addresses all operators in the field, including: importers, fitters, dealers (not private individuals) who wish to buy PV panels directly from their suppliers, thus avoiding the extra marketing charges which make the final price of plants rise.

We do not wish to extensively deal in this website with the benefit and convenience of a photovoltaic plant, since we address operators who, being in the business, are already well aware of the advantages, both economic and to the environment, of photovoltaic PV panels used for the production of electric energy. And of thermal solar panels (collectors) for the production of hot water.
In any event, we are available to provide you with all technical details you may need and to explain the economic advantages of such a source of renewable energy, putting you in touch with our engineers and with the commercial units we work with.